Friday, October 21, 2005

last nights ride

Last night I had the pleasure of riding with the .83 crew. It all started at 7 I was told, at the West lake center. that is a loose approximation of when it actually did. After repairs were done, insults thrown, lights and tail lights handed out by Aaron, he was Santa clause yesterday, a messenger bag filled with lights oh boy. So we rolled out and took over the lane, I have never had the pleasure of riding in such a large group of people most on fixies and what can happen when there is a mass such as there was last night. It started with aproximatly 40 riders, amazing simple amazing. So the pace was casual up through Capital Hill and on to the U District to a park where PBRs and other beverages were consumed, jungle gyms were ridden the merry go round was spinning out of control. I was loosely organized chaos. Well then beers in hand, it was off to Lake City where the group thined a bit, hamburgers, fries and shakes were eaten. Skids and backward bike riding took place. Then it was up a brute of a climb. This group was now starting to ride cohesively. at one corner I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the greatest things that I ever have, bikes just taking over the turn lane at a light, a mass of cranks and pedals and helmets a real sea of bike. I was truely awsome. We ripped around over hill and over dale to a dive bar with a great beer list, the Mucky Duck where more beers where consumed and friends where made. I had the pleasure of overhearing this I i wont shorlty forget it. Prepare yourself for this one. " Yeah my wife shaved my neckline." you get the picture think caveman style. I wish i had a picture, I am sure some people are glad that I dont though. So I will be out on anther one of these rides when I have an open spot on my calender. Keep the rubber side down. and most of all keep pedaling.


Gonterian said...

I am a caveman and I shave my own hairline...though previous girlfriends have also insisted in participating in the ritual

Gonterian said...


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