Sunday, October 09, 2005

check out this bar

Today I was at the Pioneer Organics Food Fair just down the street from my house and ran in to these two guys, and they have one hell of a good product, Paley Bar, and organic energy bar. That doesnt taste like date paste. With the right mixture of ingredients. The guy on the left is Vitaly Paley the creator and the other gentleman is Bob. He does all the packing, shipping, etc. At this point in time they are the only two involved in the whole production and distribution. Currenty the bars are avalible from their website and if you live in the Portland area which is where they are based out of you may have already heard of them. I plan to order a bunch soon. Bob is a cyclist and loves cross racing so we talked bikes among other things. He gave up on the road scene for the mud fests and says he couldnt be more happy. I wore my Car R Coffins sweatshirt, which was a dead giveaway and a good conversation starter. Here are they pioneers in tasty bars and look one of my stickers. Check em out and tell them who sent ya. Tommarrow I ride with kent and most of all I get some serious diy fenders for my steamroller. Over and out.

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