Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Just got a call from my friend Shawn, and he informed me that he pitted for our good buddy Mark McDaniels at Granny Gears Moab race. Man I wish I could have been there to partake in the desert delinquencey and debotchery. Looks like Sloane had some morning issues, no post on his blog and no word from the man as of yet. McDaniels did it for the experience he is not concerned with the bottom line of speed, just out for a good ride and a good time. His anecdote was: A beer in each hand
smile in between
feral men living a dream
That pretty much explains my man Mark. Heres to you mark, insert PBR's being hoisted high in the air.

So I am feeling better, riding more slowly, but not really forcing the issue right now as it is October after all and I dont need to be flying right now. I have some rides planned to see old friends and and maybe some new as well. I have met another member of the Randoneers Club, Eric, which Kent belongs to as well, who come in to have a beer with me every so often. He lives out on the islands, I hope we get ot ride together some time. Man was that ever a horrible crafted sentence, oh well.

I am thinking, dreaming of riding my bike for long, long distances, I have yet to really understand why, other than it gives me, me time and I can so why not. Plus it gives me lots of stories to tell, if anybody really cares to listen.

So I am a complete dumbass, forgot both my Fathers and my stepmothers birthdays, they are in October, on the 5th and the 12th, but I always think they are in August and it seems like this time of year there is always so much going on in my life that interupts my rythum and I lose track of the days and then one day I wake up and realize I have forgotten these really special people and I have to apologize and then feel like a dumbass, I guess better late than never, but how horrible of me, I even had presents ready for them. Next year I am going to get it. I am going to put up a big sign so that I wont forget. I love you both. thanks for everything.

Time to get taken for my daily walk, the dogs are getting restless.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

You and Sloane need to bust ass out here to Iowa for Trans-Iowa in late April. There are a few guys going single-fixie. Matt Chester has e-mailed me expressing much interest. Stay Tuned!