Friday, October 21, 2005

it might just happen

So I am at home tonight surfing around the net, no tv for me, going over some of the sites I was told about last night, thank god I got a business card that directed me to this site. Aaron is the owner of this shop, I have yet to go to the shop but I think that he needs to be supported. His site has sooo much information one could get dizzy trying to take it all in. Utilitarian comes to mind. So I followed some links and came across this group, promoting a car free city, dense and urban in nature it sounds like. they are doing the legwork to get it to happen, what a dream. How awsome would that be a car free area, an entire city where there are no cars. What would it be like. Just imagine. Blissful. So please check it out. support it. It makes sense. think of all the logistics, I am very excited. Well tommarrow is a long day, work all day, pumpkin beer festival at the Elysian Brewery, then off to see Calexico and Iron and Wine. time to go night night.

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