Sunday, October 16, 2005

diy fenders

Here is Kent puttiing the finishing touches on the fenders. It was great to hang out with the man himself. Kent is one hell of an interesting man. Inspiring. Using what it around to get the job done. Kent starting the project below. We knocked the fenders out, the brake took a little bit more time, but thanks so much kent, I am safer because of you.
Notice the wool. swobo to be exact, when will they return. soon i hope. And yes I know these pictures are in reverse order.
Well kent really made them, but other than a pair of Vulture socks they cost me nothing. Thanks kent. they rock. my behind has never been drier in wetter weather. So here are some pictures. other than that I am wondering what happen to Sloane at Moab. Cant wait to hang out when he gets back. Back to the fenders. they rock. Around Seattle people that know Kent, recognize these fenders, and there is an immediate connection. I like that. thanks again kent. People love them. I wish I had more detailed instrucitons but you can get on kents web page and he has a how to. All it takes is a colorplast sign. kent has tons of parts laying around so we put a front brake on my bike. I am no longer brakeless in Seattle. The rain and the hills won out, it just makes more sense to me. A bit safer. I really dont have a death wish no matter how often it may seem like that. thanks again kent the fenders are priceless.

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