Monday, October 17, 2005

blogger spam

I cant believe it there is really blogger spam out there. I have been getting wierd responses about being able to advertise from my blog. that is not what I want to do I want this to be my brain fart of sorts where I can put it down and get it out. I didnt realize it but I may have to put some blogger spam blockers in place.

The Corporation is a must see. If this movie doesnt wake you up and scare you I dont know what really will. To think what could be own as a commodity in the future and what already is owned, soon nothing will be safe. Corperations are treated as individual people, WTF with no one really being accountable for what the corperation does, or doesnt do. Corporations are, for profit and the bottom line. Nothing else matters. Earth, people, nothing but the almighty dollar. I was only able to soak up half the movie last night, i started to get enraged. I really wonder what the future will be like. will we make it or have we already made too many deals with the devil, so to speak, and now there really is not turning back. Will it be Road Warrior style? will it be fuedilistic, will we all just be owned by a corporation. Is money our god? Is that what matters. Again, the more I pay attention, the more I become aware the more I am enraged and scared at the same time. So many people just dont do what it takes, so many towns, cities just dont put a value on what mattters. I think technology is good in some ways but in other ways it creates larger issues and a real big side effect of that is laziness and the fact that we americans want it fast and now, impulse buys, and to think big business is using psycologists to make it even harder to say no. It takes so much disipline and at the same time so much flexibility to combat all the media messages. No tv is a great start, that really helped me change my view. ha not pun intended. back to technology, computers and email and cell phones serve for the most part good, and I like. But they also create another frontier and another plane for good and evil. They connect us and divide us at the same time. I think inventions should be evaluated on how well they connect people, and provide community. The internet definately connects people through email, while at the same time it allows people to dump on others with no real interation or need to respond. Wow how I got to this I am unsure.
Sorry for all you readers who just wanted bike realted stuff, I got sick and it made me have to think outside the cycling box, and this is what I have been thinking about. We drive hours in our cars poluting the world and call ourselves outdoor enthusiaists? Have you thought about that? Some of us even drive big SUV gas guzzlers, bitching about gas prices and how we deserve this and that, because we are Americans and it is our right. since when. I have to admit I drive to ride epic trails, but that is the only time, and I am in the process of looking for a desiel rig so that we can sell our cars and ride in style on veggie oil. We are thinking about all our steps, remodeling where item originate. At times it is soooo overwhelming and there are just so many things to be invloved with. what about people who eat organic and this and that, but drive suvs and dont think to walk or ride a bike, or carpool. it is a fine line. agian the bottom line for a lot of people seems to me the all mighty dollar. So I ramble on, I am not perfect I am not pure, I make mistakes I dont always do the right thing, I have been guilty of it all and I still do things that arent sustainable, i still consume, I am human after all, I am not some kind of god up here speaking from my high hill.
Gonterians tuner should be up on my blog soon, he rocks. I am listening to the 3030 show right now, man I would love to have a copy of this one, the luck winner must be happy.
So how I got to this all from blogger spam was uncertain, if you made it this far thanks, tell me what you think. Could you ride to the trailhead more often? Everyday make a small commitment to helping our planet be a sustainable better place that will last. one thing will make a difference, get people talking about it.
I am planing on takeing a sewing class, and a film class, I would love to make a single speed film kind of like this. I just got my free copy of Messenger and it rocks. Cant wait to see Off Road to Athens again, this time at home. Speaking of flicks I wonder how Fixed Impressions is coming along, cant wait to see it in full. I would love to get back to vt and do some riding with the Gonterian, listen to him spin and do some editing. Maybe next year. time to get ready to work. Still working on the t shrits they will be revealed soon. again Keep the rubber side down.

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