Sunday, October 23, 2005

just a quick one

so here I sit all broken hearted tried to shit but only farted. Aint that the truth. Tried to come up with a post but I am just not feeling it. here are a few things I looked at that made me think about the state of the world, and my personal situation. Wish it were more uplifting, but i am just not feeling it.
See the theme. what to do. how to proceed. I guess I just keep walking forward doing the best that I can. If you have the answers please let me know. check out gonterians new downtempo show, it is different than most of his stuff, I am diggin it. Keep up the exploration. Hopefully I have more to say tommarrow. I think I am going to take a ride and see where I end up, still trying to find all the good routes by bike through town. My blood pressure truely goes up just sitting in a car. My aversion to them and the congestion they cause is defining. think about it. Lets work for a car free city now, or at least do our part as cyclist and commute, ride and use the bike as a utility vehicle as much as humanly possible. No excuses, just start doing it.

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Gonterian said...

You can also tune in the show from Nat's tuner up to the right in the's on "top" of the dial. Fixtron 3030 its called.