Friday, May 06, 2005

winter is still here

Yesterday was supposed to be a race day but when it rains like it did the soil on Pevine turns in to a sticky mess, so they cancelled the race. I was looking forward to pushing it again to see just how my body would respond, but it will have to wait. Instead I got to really put the rain gear to the test. Dr. Dooms goods work flawlessly. Enough venting, and i stayed dry. It was really raining hard for some of the ride, then let up a bit towards the end. Last night instead of punishing myself on a bike I went out drinking a had just a little too much. Still feeling it today, but it was a planned rest day so that is what I am doing. That and the wind is absolutly howling right now, as it seems it has been doing all year. Reno is usually windy, but not this windy. It is unusually dismall this year. Well it is forcing me to do some of those things that just wouldnt get done if it were beautiful and sunny. The hills around here are amazing and the wild flowers are something else. I have never seem Reno so green, in that way it is a relief. Old Crow Medicine Show is what has been in the cd player as of late. Nice and twangy. My friend Mark turned me on to them. check em out. Not much else to report, except I am getting a new camera, and returning the old one. MOm worked some deal out. So happy I am. Later

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