Thursday, May 12, 2005

Its my birthday.....

Today is my birthday and I am stoked. Hopefully I will soon be on my bike for a little bit today. On Wednesday after I got the call from work I was off. Completed a couple of errands and then it was the open road for me. At about 9:30 I was in Bend, OR hanging with the Vulture crew. They have some new water cut dropouts that look sick. Wade is also putting out a cool zine. Go to sign up and he should be shipping them out soon. It is about all things bike. Wade really make great bikes, they ride like no other, they track well, the are stiff and he is absolutly obsessed with getting you the bike that you want. Derek is an amazing painter, he can take care of your wildest graphic desires. Check out the pictures on the site my bike has a sick paint job. I have seen some of the other bikes he has painted and he rips.
Derek and I stayed up talking about all the riding in the area, what trails I should ride the next day, and a ride that he has plans for in September, that may at sometme become an race. More after we ride it, as for now I dont want to divulge too much. Wade went home to be with his very sick child. Rio was down for the count and not happy, coughing all the time.
Wednesday I woke up to have breakfast with Wade, and Rio and to do some catching up. We talked about his first ride in Leadville and all things bike. He is a constant innovator. Always striving to make a better product, one that rides better, smoother, stronger, etc. Always trying to improve what he does.
After breakfast Wade sent me to the trailhead to meet up with some of his friends Hefe and Dan another Nat couldn't make it at the last minuete. We met at Phils trailhead. What can I say the trails in Bend are awsome. Twisty turny funride. The dirt was perfect. I would recommend a trail map as I got totally lost after I left the locals, eventually finding my way to all the trails I had been told about, but man was I confused. Got back to Wades, ate at Longboard Louies, major huge burritos, I got the shrimp one. i had planned to stay but due to Rios sickness and the fact that I am just getting over sickness, I decided to make the drive to Seattle, so here I am. Like I said today is my birthday so I am going to get out on my bike here in a bit, nothing too much, I have an appt at the acupunturist and then I plan to have a good dinner. Fucking 31 years man where did they all go. My dad always told me that time flies, but seriously it seems like yesterday I was a skateboarder in Burlington, VT, in high school just havin fun thinking 30 was death. Well here I am and still I feel young, but time has a way of pickin up speed. Later I have fun to chase.

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