Friday, May 13, 2005

These glasses rock. It is super easy to switch lenses, they are super light weight. Check em out on the web at . I am going to have dinner with Micheal the man with a plan. I spoke with him today for a bit. These glasses have the potential to go far as they are in their 2nd year being in the states. They have some really cool glasses in addition to these. Today was pretty relaxing, I explored Seattle a bit and talked with some friends in the area. Matt Chenaworth now lives here, he raced solo 24 hr races for the last couple of years and is now taking a break and having more fun on his bike now than when he had all the pressures of racing on him. We may hook up and ride tommarrow after the race he plans to be out there in the afternoon. Who knows maybe he will ride with Sloane and I that certainly would be fun. I may get a rude awkening tommarrow, it is supposed to rain, and the course looks technical. More on that later, now it is time to relax before dinner. Later. Posted by Hello

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