Tuesday, May 10, 2005

this is a quick one

well here i sit waiting for work to call so that I can be officiall off for the evening. The winter weather has put a real damper on those tourists that pay my bills. As soon as I get the call it is off to Bend to ride with the Vulture boys, Wade and Derek, I hope, then on to Seattle to see my love and to get some business out of the way. While there I hope to race, the body and mind are not fully healed but seriously on the mend, so I am going to do a couple of races on Saturday and Sunday I think. I plan on hooking up with Sloane Anderson to do some riding after the races so that I can get a good day of training in. That is if my body is still not protesting. I have had a stuffed nose, read not able to breath through my nose and a frog in my throat for about a month maybe a little more now. It is horrible in the morning gets better mid day and comes back with a vengence at night. It really sucks and I dont like it but then what can I really do about it nothing seems to make it go away. Rest you might say, well I did that for over a week and it did not improve. Unfortunalty life has a way of going on and I know that I will get better it is just a matter of when. But the good sign is I feel as though I can attempt a race to see where it goes which means it must be almost over. It sure has been a learning experience. Well lunch is ready and I hope to be on the road soon. I should be able to post again in a couple days, Bend I am so looking forward to the trails i have heard such good things but never had a chance to experience them. Tommarrow, tommarrow the sun will come out tommarrow, thanks to little orphan Annie. Forgive me I had a sister, and grew up in the eighties. Keep the rubber side down. later

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