Saturday, May 28, 2005

on the mend

Well I have not been on the bike in 7 days, 7 whole days of no riding, housework (aghhh!!!!) and rest, interspersed with a little work. I have used this time to get everything that was bothering me done. I even went to another doctor, well actually a nurse practitioner and guess what, her son is a road cyclist and has over trained before so we bonded. She called me a crazy cyclist, nuts, hell bent on my own destruction, of course laughing the whole time. She is running blood tests just to make sure it is overtrainig and not some hideous disease. She helped my breathing by diagnosing a sinus infection of massive proportions, must have been all the shit in the air. So she gave me antibiotics, I really dont like to take these, but I figure after fighting the fight for well over 5 weeks I should try at least. She also made fun of the ENT for not diagnosing the sinus infection. I really didnt like him anyways, he was one of those doctors who takes one look at you and then makes a diagnosis with out really even having a conversation with you or asking you any questions, I felt like he just wanted to collect my money and send me on my way. He is the reason I dont go to doctors, I can not stand people like that.
Back to the nurse so we laughed she told me to use my head and pay attention a little bit and maybe next time I will catch this a little earlier. Blood results on Tuesday. She shared a story about her son overtrianing and he is flying again so there is hope. I still plan to race the Puff even if I am just there on a week back in the saddle, have fun and see alot of my friends. This years course looks to be amazing, brutal, good in a masocistic way, just what I like. I have renewed hope that the season is young and I am going to be on it later in the year. The trans Rockies course looks to be great as well. Day two looks to be brutal, but very enjoyable.
I have been working on a suprise for the Vulture guys and plan to give it to them when I see them at the puff in 4 short weeks. I think that they will be stoked. Wade is building me a cross bike with forward facing drops and the derailer hanger (yikes) still on. NO plans to use the hanger until I am old or touring or both, but it will be nice to know it is there. Other than that the restaurant is set to get crazy tonight. I wish I were racing at one of the many races going on but hence I am in a race of my own and the finish looks to be in sight, just a week or a little more away. I can breath well again which is a big relief. Send me lots of good thoughts please. Thats all for now later. Keep pedaling.
One more thought I just read UltramarathonMan by Dean Karnazes. Talk about a book that all endurance athletes should read, for that matter all of man kind should read. He is inspirational. This guy is the spirit of endurance he is endurance. He has run 262 miles in one shot, WTF, running hurts like hell. He is not the fastest but he certainly has run the farthest. Check it out at I read the book in two days, it is a fast read because you dont want to put it down. Later. agian

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