Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well due to the fact that whatever I have just wont go away, I am going to the Ear nose throat guy tommarrow morning, so hopefully I will have an answer to my illness then. Since tonight is a local hammer race I plan to go to see what my body does. I have been waking up with a raised heart rate. Yoga today was good. The thursday teacher is just brutal with so many crazy poses it baffels me. I however can not do half of what she does, but making progress. So even though I am not a fan of the doctor after 6 weeks of not much but trying to get rid of it by every way I know how I must bite the bullet and go to the doc to see if he can give me some information about what might be going on in my throat. I am actually hoping that he has an answer, it will make sense at least. More after that. If i feel like shit I will not continue with the race tonight, it is not necessary. However I am hoping to get a good work out in. It is a very flat course so I have put a bit bigger gear so that I can hopefully stay in contact with the front of the race. It is also super windy again, but life goes on and any day really is a good day for a ride. Wish me luck.

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