Sunday, May 01, 2005

will it ever end...

Winters grip is not losening here in the Reno Tahoe area. My drive home last night was snow filled. Huh? Makes me want to scream wtf. I rode my bike yesterday and felt better but still not 100%. I plan to go for a little road spin today. It rained last night and I think that the trails will be muddy, here that means that the clay sticks to everything and sooner than not you are walking a 50 lb bike. The TV program that PCTV produced about the E100 is finished and I should be getting a copy in the mail soon. Yesterday I recieved the E100 literature. from Boris so I can start promoting, getting out all the information and talking this up as much as I can. This race is truely awsome. All you out there should think about doing it, screw that every endurance racer looking for one hell of a challange should give this one a go. Trust me you wont be disappointed. There are a bunch of postcards and I am on one. I think thats pretty cool. Time to go walk the dog and then out for a little spin. Peace out.

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