Monday, May 16, 2005

Jon brown is the man

It seems to me that endurance racing is on the rise, that the events are getting harder and it is the hardest ones that become the most appealing. Man I wish I had gone to the Kokopelli, but as my mood is much better today I think that it still was the smartest thing not to go. 4 finishers out of 15, that says something. 3 of them on singles and 3 of the 4 finishers on 29ers also speaks volumes. Jon brown is the man. He was fucking haling ass. To finish in under 15 hrs. I must say John Brown you are the man. Rumor has it he was running a 34 X 16 gearing. Check out the mtbr thread for more. I would love to do this race next year. I am going to try and stay healthy so that it can be a reality. Good job Mike for puting on such an event.

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