Wednesday, May 04, 2005

back in the saddle.....

I think. I rode today and felt much better. Tommarrow there is a local race, short very short, I think we race for an hour. But I will see how it feels when I punch it. I still have some alergy type symptoms and such but not much else. I have named it the eternal lump in the throat. Well that said the weather was not so good today, but held out and I raged around with friends on the local trails right behind the house. Pevine one of the largest mountains in the reno area and Keystone canyon trailhead are literally a stones throw away. Not bad. So then had a few beers and then picked up some of Ritchey stuff to outfit my bike with. I love the Lake shoes I have been riding. I'll try to get a picture of them. They are not their top teir but are very comfortable and the sole rocks. I have been enjoying them.
Then a phone conversation with my team mate Rich, to see how he is doing and to put some final details on to the plans for the Trans Rockies. I can not wait. Anyone wishing to get in to this race should think fast as there are only 15 spots left. Considering they only had 119 teams last year and they already have 160 thats great. What an experience. We are renting a camper van for the trip, so we can cook our own meals and be on our own program so to speak. My girlfriend Danielle the wonderful, will be our captain. She just loves smelly bike racers who are punishing themselves. Really she is a great support. I have been thinking about quitting my restarant gig in August and hitting the open road for a couple of months, to get a change of perspective. Scary I know, but think of the memories and experiences. I would have to go to the Single Speed Worlds, in State College I have heard epic things. I wonder how the Fruita Fat Tire fest is going. At some time I would like to check it out. Maybe next year. Lots of Brainstorming. Ahhh gotta go relax, walk the dog and check out a movie. Motorcycle Diaries tonignt. Pedal hard.

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