Saturday, May 07, 2005

random thoughts

So I just heard, well last week sometime I heard that the TV program that Park City Television did about the E100 is actually finished and I am going to recieve a copy in the mail hopfully monday. Dude, how exciting. Ahh the memories. More after I check it out.

Any one think that a documentary indie film about the single speed culture would be cool. I have so many thoughts. Life just needs to be documented. It is not as expensive to do as I once thought.

More thoughts about ditchin work and just traveling around single speedin the days away. No time like this year. This plan is still in it infancy but who knows.

I am thinking about going and doing the Whiskey off road race. in Prescott AZ, but am unsure if my body, the illness is fully gone. We will certainly see.

Mothers day is tommarrow, Happy mothers day mom. Dont forget to call or visit mom tommarrow, it is very important. Love to all moms out there. If it werent for you we wouldnt all be here. Thanks

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