Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday is here...

I decided to not race as my focus recently needs to be on recouperating and getting better and I woke up still feeling sick and tired so I decided that it would be better to stay home and relax. Life has been super stressfull with lots of responsiblities that just have to get done and require lots of focus and attention to detail. I am feeling close to being ready to race and test my limits again, but today was not the day so I am relaxing and taking care of myself. I had really hoped to be ready to punish myself agian, but it was just not the day. I saw Kent yesterday out at his job while out spinnig around Seattle and Redmond on my singlespeed, we talked about how easy it is to overdo it and end up in a hole that takes a long time to get out of. I hate to sound like a whiny bitch, I have been riding, I am just not as motivated as I have been. It is very difficult for me to deal with, but I am thinking happy thoughts and being nicer to myself as each day goes. My body feels pretty good, my mind is getting there but not quite yet. I wonder how everyones races went this week end. Roger raced the Adrenalin race as did Chris, I wonder how it went. I wonder how the Koko went. How fast was it done on a single? When I find out I will definatley post what i know. think good thoughts.

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