Thursday, September 01, 2005

I must chime in

I must chime in on the whole 24 hr worlds/jeff kerkove being banned etc. I had already decided after last years Worlds not to return for the following reasons:
1. the high entry fee
2. the hidden costs, for the gondola, for parking, for the awards ceremony, let me say that again Staurt charged for the awards ceremony. WTF
3. the lack of prizing, I got a participants medal and camel pack for second place in the SS category, again WTF
4. the timing, lack of overall results
5.Stuart and his lack of integrity, the man chose that forum to bash another company, I ask is this in the spirit of Mountain Biking?
6. Its lack of media coverage, in past years there was much more coverage. a sign of the times I think, that he had pissed so many people off that they were unwilling to give him support.
I am sure i forgot others but my point was I was not willing to part with my hard earned cash to support this guy. I think that all should read the post on MTBR's site and make there own opinion from the looks of it though most have and are. I predict the demise of the 24 HOA soon, and I would be willing to say the sport will be better because of it.
If you read the thread you will most certainly see what it is I saw that Jeff really said nothing mean or even in my opinion bad he just asked some questions and made some points, I believe that he could have said much more hurtful things had he wanted to, but he is a man of character and even after being banned did not attack 24 HOA at all, he took the high road, one that I fear stuart doesnt even know exists, he is such a snake and a money hungry dirt bag.

I wanted to wear a shirt that had a dollar sign over the word athletes with a big question mark after it and wear it to the awards last year at the worlds , anyone interested, if so let me know and I will get some printed up. Add to that last year half of the mens podium didnt show at the awards, mainly Tinker and Nat Ross, that to me speaks volumes, that and the fact that Nat is helping to put on the Kona Series, means he is not happy with the current situation.

So to Jeff I say thank you for having your integrity to all other racers I say read and make your decision, let your money do the talking, let promoters know that you support them by going to their races. I say it is about time that we rose up and let it be known how we feel. I admit he marketed the Worlds and it work we believed and showed up to race, however that is what it was a marketing tool for him to make money and then by making you qualify he doubled his money, remember it is really only a world class race if we the racers show up and make it that. So stand up and be heard I say, with the amount of other high quality promoters and races out there why give your money to this man?
take the bull by the horns and stand up for what you believe I say.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Yeah, it's pretty messed up. I have been talking with Nat via e-mail, he has some interesting things to saw...but I am not going to mention them in public.

24 HOA has good events, they just need to restructure from the inside and get their priorities straight.