Friday, September 16, 2005


I rode around the last couple days on the Steamroller, Ihave her setup with a 49x18 for the road, I have taken some small juants off road, but the rolling terrain here in Seattle it is quite a challange. That is challange #1
Challange #2 is more traffic more obstacles, more stop and go equals more focus.
Challange #3 moved here to Seattle thinking that I had a job lined up thus making, cash flow not an issue, well to say the least they seem to be flaking in a major way, apparently a hand shake to some people is not a commitment or they can easily change their mind with no looking back. Well I hate to say it for them but I plan on getting an answer, and not just walking away by being ignored. Sometime I just need an answer, and think that people need to be more consious of the way they treat others. nuff said.
Challenge #4 Money. need I say more.
Challange #5 too much good beer, again need I say more. There are two things I really love in addition to cycling, coffee and beer. One might say I have found my nirvana? Is that the right use of the word.
Challenge #6 Trail access without driving my car. Might have to get over this one. I can ride to some trails, but the commute to them is quite lenghty. Seattle locals can you help. These are a list of a few of the major challanges that have been brought on by the move.

On a postive note I have been loving riding my bike around the city to check out different areas and to get my bearings. I have found that I get a better feel for a place by riding around. Today I am going to said business to get some answers, always one for some kind of closure/answer. And tommarrow I am going to see one of my favorite bands out of NYC. Madball. Check it out, be warned though. They have been around for quite sometime, even broke up for awhile. The Vulture, has a new post, the man is hoping to crack the top ten at the local cross race. From the sounds of it things are looking up business wise for him as well, and Rio his son rocks. Socks orders are rolling. remember questions comments to the new connection is about a week away. Stay tuned as I have some new ideas on the way. Be sure to check out lots of good links to all things bike realted.

I have some other things to post but this one is getting lengthy as all my posts lately have and I know attention spans are not always lengthy and if only I could write better. more to come thanks, keep pedaling.

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