Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ghandi once said.....

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

aint that the truth. It rings true to me, I have consiously been ananlyzing my life and how I live it. Which has been a little disturbing but very healthy. Those faithful readers will know that i have had a lot of time on my hands as of late, not racing, not training, just hanging out.

I have always had a nervous energy, a driving force, and it has been a challange to slow down enough to "smell the roses". Being a fast moving hard headed driven man has had its value, but I have settled in to me more. what I am about to say is not some kind of drop out and dont succeed dont fly high, some kind of loser anthem. Life is a true balancing act between blur and lazy,between doing to much or trying to be too much and not being present and doing too little. To get back to the above comment life doesnt need to be a blur, we need to be aware, and present to be truely alive. If more of us were consious we would certainly be living in a different kind of society. I see the value, and benefits of living simple, leaving a smaller footprint, while at the same time doing those things that really make you shine, that make you heart happy. Oh fuck what kind of hippy I must sound like, it is not so much happy, hippy, peace love and the such it is more realistic, more it just makes sense to shop locally, drink locally, support the craftsman not the huge corportations, be aware of what you are buying and how it is produced. The effect it has on the world, on the community.

So here is what I have found by slowing down and being in the moment more, life actually picks up speed, ironic to say I know. In doing so at the same time it feels slower. ahhh. Is any of this making sense to anyone but me? ahhhhhhhhhh I spend more time thinking about what it all means, it has helped me define, to priortitize. Since I arrived in Seattle I have not driven or ridden in a car. oh how great it feels to not have to get in a car almost every day to go to and from work. Jumping subjects.... GAS is cheaper up here and along the way to here than Reno and california, WTF how can it very so much. I left REno and it was 3.15 I have not seen it above 2.89 here in Seattle. ironic. I talked with my mother and it was 3.30 in vermont. huh?

Ride on, ramble on, blog on.

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