Wednesday, September 14, 2005

what is it about fixed

What is it about fixed gears that is so intriging. Are they the next thing. I see more and more every where I go, chicks on fixed gears, commuters on fixes, what is it. In this world gone mad with technology and the next invention are more people seeing the benefits to living simple and connected. There is something very organic and simple about fixed. They are low maintence, low tech but at the same time require a high degree of skill and attention of the rider. These are not automatic machines, if you get to comfortable you are liable to get in to bad situation.

I have to thank 4 people who have inspired me in the fixed gear transformation. Gonterain, who lives in my home town of Burlington, VT, be sure to check out his radio show while you are there. He is making a movie about fixed gear riders, be sure to check out the trailer while on the site as well. Matt Chester mandatory fixed gear reading. Wade the Vulture, watching him race the local bend cross race on a fixed gear was enough the conversation that night was icing on the cake. check it out. While hanging out with him he showed me pictures of the ti road fixie he just made, that was out of the world sexy, with an eccentric bb and all, hand polished, wow, was all I could say. When seeking inspiration this man Kent Peterson, is the man, home from the great divide on a single speed, and I would post a link, but they never seem to work, kent can you help me, he has done fixed gear touring etc, the man is a legend to me, or in the process of becoming one. So to all of you thanks you have been much inspiration.

I cant wait to get my new bike from wade, here shortly, and hit the mucky gooy Pac northwest trails in true style. I have taken the Steamroller off road a couple of times but with no front or rear brakes just my legs doing all the work, it is rather freaky, that and the road tires, slicks dont really grab the trails that well. So to say the least I am looking forward to my first true off road fixed gear ride on my new bike. I have been riding on the roads fixed except for a few digretions to gears, for the last year and a half.

In other news. This is day number 6 with out getting in to a car. yeah for me.

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