Monday, September 19, 2005

What happens when.....

What happens when you take fat, been drinkin too much, used to the desert and the dessert out for a ride in the Washington Wilderness. Well to make a long story short, a sweaty happy man, who you occasionally have to wait for at the top of a climb. Sloane Anderson hatched this plan to go for a ride that he hadn't done in about for years, and he was pretty sure he remembered how to get there and that it was about 2 plus hours away, just over Stevens Pass. Well hearing this I was in. I learned awhile ago not to ever give a definate return time to my girlfriend so with that Sloane and I were off to explore, and explore we did, more in the car than on the bikes, he remembered the trail without fail. After exploring a few roads, laughing about not riding until late in the evening, and deliverence type hillbillys, we happened upon a forest service road that we started down and he knew it was the one. So a 2 hour drive to the trailhead was now at 3 1/2 but we were hot on the trail. With the day starting out as it had we loaded up with lights, we each had only handle bar lights, me only a Vega commuter light, and as much food as we could. Sloane I will never forget the banana placement, that lead to uncontrolable laughter. Just think totally different career choice full of terrible rythmic music.
So the trails were pretty awsome, we started with a fireroad climb, then a singletrack climb that was loose and steep, well lets just say I was forced to do a little hiking. Then rolling, twisting singletrack, then a long singletrack climb which I thought would be a good idea for me to lead so I push and dug deep, only had to walk one 100 foot section. I was sweating like a stuck pig, but I felt holding my own, especially when the terrian went downhill. The trails get a lot of motorcycle traffic so the berms are well established and totall railable? is that a word. So on like this it went, Sloane had remembered it taking about 2 1/2 to three hours, so we had lights like I said and we needed them, we Jedied? again is that a word? the last couple miles of the trail. I had a blast, we saw some other trails in the area that we would have explored, but we did not give ourselves the time to do so. We plan to go back, now that we know the way, camp overnight and do some real exploring and some longer riding. We ended up riding for just under two hours on the trail, with another 15 minuetes on the road to get back to the car. With all the dust on the trail, it was leg drainer, that and I am out of shape like I said before what happens when you take a guy who has spent more time in bed due to mono/overtraining than anywhere else out in to the wilderness for a ride. He has fun, huffs and puffs and sweats like a pig. Nuff said, sloane lets ride soon, I had a great time. thanks

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