Saturday, September 24, 2005

finally back on line

Well I finally have an internet connection directly in to the house, before we were pirating others networks that were unsecured. I know not the best way, but hey you never know what signals are flying around in the air. Well its sure is glad to be back.

I am currently in training at a local steakhouse, interesting feel to it not to sure I will be there for long time, i am printing up my resume and inquiring about other avenues of employment. It just doesnt quite feel right, too uptight, no ability to let loose, I have yet to see how the clientel is, I am talking about a couple of the managers. two faced, stoic, I am sure you get the point, and to think I have only been there 3 days. Put it this way I have to memorize every ingredient in every sauce, and get quized on it, before I can get on the floor. That is just one of the 5 packets of information that I must know in the next week. Well enough about that.

Sloane and I went riding the other day. Fun, steep, rocky, twisty stuff. see some pics and read sloane write up here. I will figure out how to send a hyperlink soon. I am still computer ilterate. those who want vulture socks let me know. REno clan, talk to amanda mcdaniels, she has quite a few pairs, looks like I sent her some extra ones. Bendors talk to wade, he has a bunch too. that way you can save on shipping. So that is my life.

One more short story about being creative in carrying items to work. I have to have pressed shirts, so I folded some cardboard in half and carefully folded the shirt in side, slid this in to my bag and off I went. I have to ride slower on the way to work, I arrived a sweaty mess. Not the best way to show up.

Made a connection with another fixer in the area, looks like they have a group ride on thursdays. Out of the westlake center. good times, I will have to hook up with them, more when I do.

Did I tell you they have really good beer up here?

Wish I was gonna be at Interbike, to meet up with all the enduro freaks. Check out to see the email a bunch of us riders recieved from him. over and out, time to go dirnk some black goodness.


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