Saturday, September 17, 2005

Garage sale thoughts and.....

I had to sit outside in my drive way today and play nice and attempt to sell all those things that we accumulate that end up just taking up space, trinkets, odds and ends, gifts new and old. I was struck by the fact that most people that come to these events are looking to spend no money and get a great deal, hummm you might say, but they will bicker over a dollar, they will try to talk you down from 15 dollars for a printer to 2 dollars. Some people seem to be casing you for other things, asking questions about my bikes and all the other boxes yet to be gone through. So here I am with 4 hrs of thoughts from watching random people stop by, some to chat others just seem to be passing the time, whatever the reason we ended up giving away more than we sold, but as far as I am concerned I didnt need it anyway and if someone else can use it, at least it is getting used and most of all I no longer have to house it. We are trying to simplfy a bit, I still have trouble getting rid of any cycling stuff, and am a pack rat at heart so every thing seems to have some sentimental value, but slowly but surely I will release my grip on the material and hang on to what really matters. Danielle just chimed in the biggest sale of the day was a old clock that we got at Cost Plus for 10 dollars, and two camp mattresses that we sold for 5 bucks each, well at least we organized the garage, my work area/hang out bike area is shaping up to be a really great place to hang out. We also paid for lunch with all of our sales. yeah for us.
So in amungst recycling our old in to anothers new I thought about some products that I really like. Below is a picture of the new wallet i bought, in some ways oh so eigthys, can you say velcro wallet, in other ways very modern,it is made out of scrap cordora left over from making messenger bags at ReLoad Bags here in Seattle. Apparently one of the semstress got the idea because she was sick of seeing the scraps go to waste. Now that is thinking. As you can see the one I picked out was camo, i just love all things camo, sticking to my Vermont roots one might be tempted to say, with the of so not Vermont pink bike. This one ran me about 24 bucks not cheap but they are supposed to be indestructable. They are still getting there website going so the best way to pick one up or just to see others is to google randL, or to check here, Another company that I really like is Hypnotic Designs I have been using there knickers for quite some time and really like them, they are cut to just the perfect length, they are a small company out of northern california.
One product that I am dying to try is the xtracycle, out of california as well and turn my bike in to an SUB (sport utility bike)
As always, Steve Fassbinder makes some great rain gear and is an amazing cyclist, his email is he is fresh off a third place finish at the Global Championships in Denver, congrats to steve. I will try to get some pictures of his wares up on the web soon. Think street wear with bike functionality, and as always a little camo to boot, gotta stick with my roots ehhh!!!!
Support our commuity where you can, we cyclists need to support each other when ever and wherever possible. and now.........

watch out what happens when you play with glass, nine stiches, lots of blood, and how do you hold a handle bar with this. I rode trails two days later with a splint on. yikes. The upside was on my last night at work I got to hold my finger like this to whoever asked about it. Good times.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Fass'y is a master of the leather works also. He is supposed to be making a traveling Trans-Iowa trophy...The Trans-Iowa Bondage Belt.

Nice finger.

You and Sloane will need to come out for Trans-Iowa in '06