Monday, September 12, 2005

updates and random info

Well here I sit in the lovely city of Seattle, looking out my 3rd story window at a grey day, guess I should get ready for more. ha ha. I am excited about the change about doing new and different things and riding new and different trails. I have friends in the area, such as Sloane Anderson, I also have friends of friends that I will shortly be contacting to get shown around, and to get in to the local bike culture. Re Load bags is here, sewing and creating great products, very artsy of all shapes and sizes. I have been enjoying time away from structure and using it to sample the local beer, of which I will never get around to drinking all of. I have a certain place in my heart for IPA's and tend to stay with what I know. The Maritime Brewery is just around the corner, those of you who know the Jolly Roger ale, that is them. Was that even a sentence? Whatever. I never said I was the most articulate. Is that not what this is all about, this meaning the blog, to blowout the random snot that accumulates in the head if we don't clear it. My blog may just become like a snot rocket of the mind, blown out sometimes landing on your shoulder some times by the wayside, take it or leave it that is what it is. getting back to what is going on. I have been feeling better, I acutally rode 60 miles yesterday on the fixed gear. Went out the REDmond to see my good friend Kent, he has gained the weight he lost and is looking as fresh as ever. I am thinking of joining him while he explores a route for the 400 miles of dirt traveling north to south along the cascades, he has used a computer program called Trips and trails I believe that has kind of maped out the route, but much exploration is needed to make sure that it really is doable. Back to the ride, felt pretty good, although today I am definatly feeling yesterdays effort, a litttle more coffee and rest was in order this morning.
The trip up here was a fun one, spent some time in Bend with Wade, who is a dedicated fixed rider at the moment, when I arrived he was racing the local cross race on his fixie and doing quite well. Later on he said he wanted to have a fixed gear bike club and call it "SHOOTING BLANKS BIKE CLUB". get it ha ha. look for it in the future. We ate pizza with his father, grandfather and girlfriend Jessica, and then continued the evening at the DEchutes Brewery, ending my night drinking the nectar of the gods that is called Black Butte Porter, on the cask. Good times. The next day we ate breakfast talked a little more and then I hit the road for SEattle. So you are all probably bored to death right now so I wont ramble on any more right now. Email shoud be sent to for the time being as the old address is gone and the new one not yet connected.
Although I must chime in one more time about the worlds which seem to be a bit of a joke, no tinker, not chambers, no kerkove,we know what happen there,what happened. Could it be that people really see it for what it is, a marketing ploy. Congrats to all the participated, Dejay was getting after it, and it sounds like it was quite a miserable time. Maybe all this sickness was a blessing in disquise, the weather at a lot of races has been less than stellar.
I must give a shout out to Rich Dillen for being the first single speeder to complete the trans Rockies, and he did it rigid, I wish i could have been there. and congrats to all at the sswc sounds like it was an amazing time, wish I could have been there as well. I still have a long life to live, and being sick has sucked beyond but in the same breath has been a blessing and a learning experience, life has a way of being cruel and kind at the same time. Pedal on my friend, pedal on.

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