Sunday, September 18, 2005

Vulture Socks.....

Help support the small frame builder. thanks to all who have ordered. These babies rock. All cyclists love socks, add these to your collection. questions comments to thanks again. Today it is beautiful here in Seattle. Sloane and I are going to go rage on some of the trails up near Stevens Pass. More when I return, now I must prepare for my ass to be handed to me, over and over again. Water, and more coffee are in order until he gets here. More later. no time now. Remember support the little guy, in this world of corperations it is really a nice feeling to know and ride with the man building your bikes. Makes it more human, more connected. With Wade you are definatley more than just a customer. the man is passionate and meticulous. Plus if you order a bike, you always have a place to stay in bend and a group of really cool people to hang out with. Thats it for now, coffee, water good.

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