Monday, September 12, 2005

there in....

There from Sock Guy, we went with 5 inch cuff wool socks and the old skool logo. We have s/m which will fit up to about a mens size 9 and l/xl for all you big feeted people out there. As you can see they look pretty sharp. They will run you 10 bucks a pair, plus shipping and handling. I will try to get a pay pal thing going, and a link from the Vulture cycles site, to streamline the process. For now just email me at and we will go through my paypal account for the time being until Wade and I get every thing under control.
Relaxing Vulture Style, you cant see the PBR but its there have no fear. Let me know what you all think. again the email is Since I just moved and am feeling better and better more blogging should happen. For the time being I am sharing a computer so it may take awhile for me to get back to you all. Have no fear the socks are here and ready for mass consumption. Look for them in a hood near you soon, Hopefully I will be at Interbike helping to spread the word. Rage on, pedal and just dont stop.

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Sally Edith said...


I am so impressed and happy that you are sharing your rambles and learning to pace yourself and enjoy NOW. I agree with you 110%. love, Sally