Monday, August 29, 2005

what you are about to see

I had two days off and I thought what better way to spend them than by seeing my long time friend Brady. A little history, brady and I were each others first real drinking partners in high school, we reminsed that it is amazing that we didnt get in more trouble, doing those things that teenagers are prone to do. Lots of hormones and no way to cope, mix in pent up agression and that is what we were. So we both survived and have moved slowly in to adulthood, but then again that is another story. He has settled on being a tattoo artist and in the last 4 years he has improved rapidly and is starting to make a name for himself. He currently lives in San Deigo and works at Funhouse Tatttoo. Check out Brady's site at
Back to the couple of days off, so I went down to get inked and see an old friend who I hadnt seen in quite some time. I brought a friend from work because he is also in to tattoos and was looking for a reason to get a new one. So we headed down on thursday and hooked up with Brady and company for some Italian food and good company. I will keep it short so as not to bore you. What you see below is work that brady put on my skin, a skull with mandatory flames and a crankarm sticking out of the top, from the angle in the picture it is hard to see the crankarm but it is there. On the pain scale this was not the worst I have endured that title goes to the sacred heart in the center of my chest, but close to the nipple on this one and around the neck it felt oh so great. I just love the way it feels today a couple of days later all scabed up and tight as hell. I am so stoked with this piece and with the quality of artwork that brady is put out and he is only getting better. I am so happy for him. Enjoy, what you see took in the 4 hr range and was almost constant, the man does not mess around. I imagine in the futrue I will be getting some more ink from brady.

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