Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Restaurant blues

I havent really felt like posting much as of late. I should be resting and getting ready for the Trans Rockies with my friend Rich, awaiting the time of our lives. Instead I am here sleeping lots and dealing with rich or the pysudo rich or just those who are willing to put it all on credit cards at work. I work in Incline Village, NV or should I say income village, and most of the people I encounter on a nightly basis think that they are entitled to treat me like an animal, a slave, that they have one up on me, for that matter on the world. They order martinis with specific instructions as to how long it should be shaken, but not to much. Whatever the hot new gin, vodka what have you and why dont you have it. Then there are those that just dont care or know and they order Beefeater gin, I think there is a joke in there somewhere, rot gut, lighter fluid straight up and not chilled, good for the liver. My favorite, or should I say with a sarcastic laugh, our favorite customers are those from the Middle East, they come in and make there own menu, order platers of red onions, lettuce and tomatos with buckets of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and cheese on the side, don't forget the 10 odd whole lemons that they choke down with this and the large bowl of mushrooms. Then when they get the bill they wonder why it costs 50 dollars for said platter. The best thing I saw the other night was a said man with his buckle undone at the table because he had been stuffing so much food in that he had literally expanded. Thanks for the 10% dick.
When it is not the rich it is the less fortunate, those who have to be money consious and still want a view for them it is soup and salad and not to fast because we are here to celebrate a birthday. or one of my favortie Sunday night where the strange and stranger crawl out of the woodwork and land their spaceships in the parking lot, yes in fact you can valet it sir, i have driven quite a few today. Anyways sundays we should just sell Prime Rib and Chicken two of the less expensive entrees becasue that is what most of them want. "How is the Prime rib? "I oftern get asked to which I respond "it is Prime rib."
"well is it good"
" there are much better opitons, the prime rib is large, how hungry are you?"
I would never order Prime Rib while out at a nice restaurant, why because it is filled with fat and is not a high qualtiy meat. Anyways so there it is my life at work in a nut shell, I havent really even cracked the surface, but that is a mere snapshot of what I deal with. You can take the person out the trailer park, but not the trailer park out the person.

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