Saturday, April 02, 2005

The weather has finally.....

shaped up here and the wind has died down to a dull roar, not the blazing 30 plus that it had been there for a while. I looks as though a minor disturbance is coming through within the next couple of days and then I and alot of other cyclists and even some of the skiers are ready for the winter weather to be over and for summer to be here. In Reno and Tahoe for that matter there really are two seasons snow removal and construction, well I am ready for the construction season to begin. That means trail riding and lots of it. Tommarrow I am going to drive, oh how I hate to be a fossil fool, to Auburn to ride with Roger. He has a nasty route planned with much suffering. I cant wait.
The last couple of days have been action packed with new and old experiences alike. On Thursday, my one day off, I did yoga, I havent noticed much of a flexiblity difference but I have noticed a more clam feeling and I am more in touch with my breath, a good thing for a cyclist since i have started this practice. After yoga it was home to work on my bike a little, after a bite to eat at my favorite new age mexican joint Buenos Grill. After that I did a blaster of loop up Keystone Canyon and back to the house to meet my friend Mark. Mark is a little ray of sunshine and I always have a good time with him. This was however our first ride together so off we went with a series of loops out in Evans canyon, gotta love the little short bermed section it is always my favorite. After some more climbing it was back to the house to enjoy some tasty recovery drinks, and then we were going to eat. Well isnt it funny how plans can change quickly as he invited my roomate and I to go to the climbing gym with him. Mind you I have never done climbing of this nature. So on my bike and off to the climbing gym I went. This is an activity that all should try. WE started with a little bouldering, man were the shoes tight. I did some of the easier ones but it was not easy. My forarms got worked so quickly. They hurt today in fact. The whole activity helps with line selection and calming your mind in tough situations. I really dug it. Then it was off to get some pizza, back on the bike to chase the others in cars down. Then finally on to Mark and his wife Amandas place to enjoy some good company and eat some food. One large pizza didnt even slow us down so we ate a bunch of pasta after that and then some heath bar crunch. That was a good day. THen is was back to the grind for me. But tommarrow should be another epic day in the saddle. Today I will probably just go for a little spin if at all. I may do some yard work instead. oh the joys of home ownership. late

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