Sunday, April 10, 2005


The weather is sunny still a little chilly but 100% better than it has been. Since I have not been riding much in the last couple days I had some time to surf the web and came across some site that I like. has some really good fixed gear riding. Along with links to the messenger worlds and other such events of the culture. has a documentary coming out at the bicycle film festival, titled messenger which looks to be very interesting. Check it out.
That and I have been thinking about ways to carry water and supplies and what filter or tablets to get for the Kokopelli. Well even though I am not feeling a 100% I am going to go stretch the legs out on the local trails then maybe spin on the road bike and of course off to work after that. Last night was a definate increase in business since about two weeks ago, what a relief, I needed the money. My birthday is coming up 2 days before the Koko actually, my mom has already informed me that I have a digital camera. Excitment. I hope I get it sooner than later.
Steve Fassbinder raced in Texas this weekend I wonder how it went for him. Youll know as soon as I do. Well out the door I go.

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