Friday, April 08, 2005

Snow and other random thoughts

Yes that is right it is snowing like mad today, earlier it looked as though I would be able to get out for a quick ride, but mother nature has given me another day of rest. In someways I am thankful, as I have been fighting a low grade infection of some sort for about a week and it only seemed to be getting worse. Thanks to the teacher that made Airborne, which i have been pumping in to my sytem I seem to be on the up and up. This stuff just works, it has stopped what ever it was in its tracks and hopefully it will be gone by tommarrow. I am thinking about doing, as I wrote this I recieved a call from Steve Fassbinder, funny thing is I was about to write about thinking about the Kokopelli and that is just what we talked about, among other things. He makes great custom rain gear. I wish I had a camera so I could post pictures of them right here. The last of the garments that I ordered are about to be made. The rain pants sure would help me out right now, so would fenders on my bike but now we are splitting hairs. So it looks like I will be doing the Koko, with his encouragement and all, now there will be at least 3 single speeders at this race, Curiak, Steve and myself, maybe more. I also found out that Steve is racing the Trans Iowa, looks like it is going to be the Steve and Mike show there, throwing hammers at one another. I am excited to see the outcome.
As far as the Koko goes water is my biggest worry, how to carry enough or filter it along the way. That and what gear to run, how big or how small, I have heard that there is alot of rolling terrian towards the end but then again I havent ridden the course so who knows what to expect.
Well time to do some research to see what might be the best option for lights and water etc.

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