Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day of rest

Today was a day of rest, well it was really a day of household chores and hopefully a night of rest to come. Sorry for the wrong address to Kents site here it is for real this time check it out. Last year I helped promote the e100 endurance race, by putting up posters and getting people involved this year Boris, the man behind the suffering, has come up with some great postcards and large posters, I am on one of featured riders on a postcard. I am very excited about this, these will be unvailed at Sea Otter. All you endurance riders this is a must do. Besides the course which speaks for itself, boris is such a great person, so passionate about what he does and an amazing artist to boot. check it out. Thats all for now. I had something come up so I will not be at Granny gears Temecula race but will be at the Moab race. I also had a long talk with work and have some time in may off I believe that I will be participating in the Kokopelli race. I am a little intimidated by the whole thing, but think that it will be such a learning experience. Happy trails.

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