Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ONe tuff cookie

check this site out. http://www.mile43.com/peterson/Monolog/Monocoglog.html Kent is doing the great divide on a single. The site has pictures of his bike and lots of great info about him. What an inspiration. Tuff to sum it up. That and he hasnt had a license since 1986. Awsome, commitment and dedication. Check out this website, www.carfree.com more of us should not drive and push for better bike routes and give public transportation a good name, not the I'm too poor to have a car,or its been taken away name that it seems to have in our society now. I challange more of us to drive less and ride more. Just imagine what our society might become if we all did this. Think about it.
As far as me I have been riding, did another epic ride in Auburn the other day with Roger. Auburn is a mecca of single track and steep I mean steep climbs all of them I dont think that we did one moderate climb all day. Great for the power training. And even the weather held out for us. However it was overly humid for the desert rat I have become as of late. That and the weather breaks momentrily and then hammers us again with cold gail force winds and grey ness. This was a grey bird kind of year.
Other than that just settleing in and getting ready for Sea otter and then the 24 hrs of Temecula. Too Bad for granny gear there is so little interest in this race, whats the deal. I think right now there are 17 team signed up, one solo female and 3 solo men. What up? They put on great races and seem to have a dwindling turnout, while adrenalin thrives. Why? Any thoughts let me know.

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Kent Peterson said...

Hey Nat,

Thanks for the kind words. The link to the Monocog Log should be:


As it's listed in your blog entry, it's got a couple of lower case letters that should be uppercase.

I was out riding with a couple of my buddies on Sunday, some of the same stuff we rode when you were out here, with some of the same weather except wetter.

Keep 'em rolling,