Saturday, April 02, 2005

The weather has finally.....

broken and the sun is out. The wind is no longer gail force and that is a good thing. I had jsut tried to post a huge entry and it didnt happen so I dont have the time to re post the whole thing. Man can computers and things make me crazy, so now it will have to be the condensed version of all that has gone down as I have run out of time to post at this time. It never seems that there is enough time in the day for all that must happen. go go go, if only I had another two hours a day to get all the little things and some of the big things done.
So Thursday, my one day off this week had to be filled to the brim with activity. Woke up ate the usual, a banana and grape nuts with a coffee back and emergen c shooter. Ha ha. Then off to yoga, which I havent seen really improve my flexibilty but has through staying in touch with the breath brought me more in touch with the breath, which is a good thing for any cyclist. Get out there and do yoga yalll. Then off to eat lunch at my favorite modern mexican joint Buenos grill and then home to work on my bike before a little ride. Well the little ride turned in to not so little a ride as my friend mark and I were enjoying the dirt and the conversation. After that it was home for some tasty recovery drinks and what I thought would be the end of the day. Mark had other plans and he took my roomate and I to the climbing gym, Rocksport here in reno, this is awsome, man my forearms kill me now.
Yesterday was aday of recover watching the movie PRO, a documentary about the uspro road championships, awsome more people should watch this it is great. more later. later

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