Tuesday, March 29, 2005

wind, weather and a foul mood

Well it has been a little bit since I have posted I have just not been in a great mood and work has been bogging me down. 14 hrs on easter is not exactly good for the body or mind, alright on the pocketbook, but not so good on my feet and legs. The balls of my feet were destroyed after that day. My superfeet footbeds did help to ease the pain though. www.superfeet.com These things are great.
The weather has been less than cooperative for riding. The wind has literally been gail force out there, tumbleweeds, dirt and debris of all sort flying around. I did yoga today, my muscles, hips etc are do tight that this is a great training tool. That and the breathing, with the concentrated breath and the focus on the breath it helps with the on the bike breathing and that is the most imporatant compliment to me.
I watched the movie The Hard Way, a documentary about the Net Zero team and their trials and triblations to make it on the american road scenc. www.prothemovie.com has a link and is the next movie that I plan to watch. This was a great movie. Although it did cut in to my sleep time which was not the best. 2:00 am bedtimes are not the greatest.
Lack of sleep and weather and crashing and racing my first really hard effort and working overtime have all contributed to my foul mood, which I feel lifting and am sorry to blog you down with. I am going to take the single speed out for a short power effort on the local trails in the howling wind, good for the mental side of training. Hopefully tommarrow it is supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees so I can get in a long ride on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday is my only day off this week, but I have a good vactation coming up when I go to Sea Otter and then on down to the 24hrs of Temecula. I hope the course is recovered after all the fires and floods. Speaking of 24 hr races what was the deal with Granny GEar and Adrenalin fighting as suing each other over who had the idea and could do what where. Craziness, I want to say cant we all just get along, after all we are all cyclist and should be honored just to meet one another, we are part of the choosen, those that get it so to speak, if only more people got it and rode just a little bit we as a society would be in a much better place. I am so glad that I have found cycling it is just the best thing going. It is my me time, my time to socialize, reflect, contemplate, decide and meditate, Thank you cycling and thank you for reading if you made it this far, I know that at times this can be long and boring and for me it is a place to get it all out in the world. Tiime to go suffer in the relentless wind.


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