Friday, March 04, 2005


I have not posted recently, I have been going, going, going. Riding, Riding, Riding. Work, Work, Working. All good times of course. Rather than bore you with the details I will give you the power point. Sunday was a little recovery ride, legs somewhat sore from the previous days activites. Monday not much, just lots of rest and other house activities. Yard work, ahhh the joys of home ownership. Tuesday was Yoga in the morning, yes I love the hippie in me, then riding to pay the bills and then a little climbing and return ride through the countryside. I did however almost have a bad encounter with a old lady in a Jaguar. There I was day dreaming in the bike lane and what interupts my peace, a loud horn and a jaguar hood with in inches of me, I almost lost control, but when I regained control I was furious. Usually I can laugh it off, but I could not that day so I tore off after this lady, wanting blood, and nothing less. Lucky for the both of us the light up ahead did not turn red and she got away. I will remember that car though, so I hope I dont see it again. What is it with people in cars? They suck. I aspire to be a good motorist, if I must drive. I really strive to not drive a car.
Wednesday it was suppposed to be Mountain bike time, but noo, the weather over the summit was less than inviting, snow, and I figured what the heck, it is really early in the season so why get stress, there will be plenty of time to ride soon. So I was determined to put in a big ride and that is exactly what I did. 90 miles on the road in the exteme wind, with bunches of climbing. My back ached and I wanted to stop but I always struggle at some point during a ride so I toughed it out and felt better at the end of it. In total I was in the saddle for a little over five hours. That night I ordered some raingear from the infamous Steve Fassbinder. Custom and all. MOre on this later.
My big delema for the weekend was do I race an xc mountain bike race or do I do the Great Ski race, , I have decided that I will do the great race and hopefully beat last years time. I am a little nervous as I have not been on the skis for a little while here so I just hope to be ready. I am prone to being nervous and the such so this is normal, due to the fact that I have not raced any time in the recent past. Well I must go do a little ski to get my legs back under me.
I have also been plannning what to do around the Sea Otter and the 24 hrs of Temecula. I am taking ten days off and doing a little traveling, going to seee the California Coast, or the sections that I have not yet seen. Gotta go. Busy, busy.

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