Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sunday epic ride

In life as in cycling the word epic is in the same place as the word extreme, over used so that the meaning is lost. It becomes mute and not what it should be. I could probably write that in a different way with more prose if I could come up with the words, but the mind is slow today and at a loss for the words to convey what it is I am really trying to say. But the point is when I use these words I feel that what I have done truely defines the word being used. It was epic 6 hrs in the saddle, with 7500 ft of climbing and I am unsure how many miles. Epic is the word.
Myself, Roger and Monty met at the Harmony Ridge Market on Rt 20 just outside of nevada city with a plan to ride to bite off a huge chunk of trail. I had been having dreams about riding the South Yuba trial as a loop, but no real knowledge of how to make it happen, roger knew the area well so he was our guide, other than having ridden parts of the trails at other times we had never undertaken such a ride so it was going to be an adventure.
So we hit the trial at just after ten am after a warm up on the Pioneer trail we turned right on a non descript trail and then we did a bunch of fire road descending eventually winding our way to the Round Mountain trail, sweet switchbacks and blazing fast single track were the order of the day as we headed down towards the river. After winding our way along the rocky outcropings with amazing views we finally hit the river and from there a bunch of climbing awaited up past the South Yuba camp ground and on the Makalakoff digins finally up towards Relief Hill and the Missouri Bar trail. On this section the 29er really performed, the climb was moderate and I was absolutely flying. On the Missouri bar descent I flated, my first flat on the 29er . AS i was fixing it and almost done, Rogers tire flated, it was a strange event as we had been stopped for a least five mins before it happen. We had been talking about stomach distress and I thought his flat was the realeasing of pressure, which would have been extemely impressive, but very inhuman. So after fixing the flats we were back on course, and all the climbing and ups and downs that the South Yuba trail has to offer. Eventually winding our way to the town of Washington. We refueled at the little store and then faced a 7 mile 6% grade back to rt 20, this was agony it hurt so bad to climb this thing, after that it was just a handful of miles on the Pioneer trail back to the cars. It was on of the best rides i have ever been on. I want to do it again, but make it a bigger loop next time. I was amazed with my fitness and very relieved that I felt this way in March on a big ride of this nature. Roger should post a comment to better describe the trail, so check it out. Big thanks to roger and monty for this ride, lets do it again sometime soon. See you all at Cool. Tommarrow it is a big ride with Kent Peterson, Mo was supposed to go with us, but duty calls and he can not get away from work. Well I am looking forward to exploring some trials here in the Seattle area. Keep the rubber side down.

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