Wednesday, March 23, 2005

you stupic f--k

There I am riding along enjoying the moon and clouds as well as paying attention to the speeding cars beside me and this is what I here, "you stupid f--k!!!!" Me the stupid f out on the bike enjoying myself and minding my own business. How bout you the stupid fu-k behind the wheel of tons of steel, you Bush loving priasing stupid fuck. tHere I wrote it. As of late I have been very angry, I have been having those vigilante fantasies where I chase them down and its a show down where they get beat up by the stupid fuck on a bike. Whose stupid now asshole. Sorry for the nasty rant but I have to release it somewhere or it leaks out in the world when I really dont want it to, and karmically speaking that would be a no good. I really think that we could all benefit from a little fight club in our lives the realease of angry and frustration but bonding in the same light. Call me crazy that has been my mood lately. I have just been raging and peoples stupidity is baffling at times and my fuse is a little short lately. If we were all a little more commpassionate and not so judjemental it would be a lot easier. I just get so upset with the way in which people chose to live and be and it all seems so hopeless at times and why bother, and I can relate. Dont stay there and it does all matter and we are all interconnected and we all should honor and love one another. There I go from fight club to loving one another all that hippy shit, thanks mom, thanks dad. Ying Yang and we all go full circle. All is good I just needed to get that out there. I challange you to Choose something each day that matters to you and do it, however small and honor yourself for doing so. Look at things from anothers perspective so that you can relate, this doesnt mean you agree but you can see how they may see things that way even if you dont and honor them and yourself just the way you are. Well this rant needs to end because it probably is too much, but it matters to me and cycling matters and damit i am going to ride at night because I want to, because it saves me money on gas, which is so high it is astounding, but we are not entitiled to dirve the biggest most gas gussling cars because they feel safe or what ever the reason my be. Be less car dependent, be more independent. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Out. I am still fired up about stupid drivers and people that get upset with me for riding my bike, but less so because I have left it here. Thanks agian

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