Saturday, March 12, 2005

random thoughts

I really have trouble coming up with blog titles. They just never seem to be focused or direct enough or I am posting about so many different things that one title doesnt really do what I am posting any justice. Thanks for bearing with me. Yesterday was a beautiful day, as mr kerkove said the other day time to work on those tan lines. Funny thing is mine are still around from last year, so it is more a reestablishing of them than anything else. The high desert sun has a way of leaving its mark quite literally. I must say it is good to see the sun again.

Yesterday was another day on the Geiger climb with my friend Dave, he rides for WTB, , and is quite the hammer. He just got back from the marathon and the stage race in Texas where he had a blast, not his best race, but it is early still. We beat each other up on the way up, he eventually got away and beat me to the top, but still we were flying. He post a 35 min time and me a 37 min and 45 second climb. I was happy. Then of course I had to go to work and deal with the masses of guests. yeah.

Tommarrow I am doing a ride with a one Mr Roger Lackey, yes of the Franchise Tax Board, ha ha, outside of Nevada City, Ca, on the South Yuba trail. Should be in the 50 to 60 mile range, on the old single speeds. I need to get some bike time before I race Sea otter, and then the following week while others are suffering across Iowa, I will be suffering for a mere 24 hrs at the 24 hrs of Temecula, . I say mere because the afore mentioned folks will be going untill the finish the 300 plus miles. Oh how I love april.

Lately I have been listen to Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Tom Waits, and Lou Reed, I am liking what I am hearing.

On Monday I go to Seattle to visit Danielle, I am going to contact Sloane and I am definatly riding with Kent Peterson. I am going to try to get hold of a digital camera so that I can take some pictures of his great divide set up for all of you to view. I am actually going to try to get more pictures up on this site, but computers are new to me to bear with me please. Out to do a small recovery ride then weed the garden, finish packing and head on out to work.

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Anonymous said...

Damn dude, why you outing me working for the man! LOL!

Sunday was epic, I'll comment on the route we did on your blog for that ride.

Hope the Washington trip was great!

See you in Cool,