Friday, January 27, 2006

undertrained a goal i hope to obtain...

I am not one who does much in moderation, be it work, cycling, life in general is usually moving at 1000 rpms, however I am aware that this is not always the best approach. I am trying to learn lessons daily, weekly, or when life throws them my way as was the case last year. It was a very hard time for me, and I still would have liked to race the season as was planned, but if you take the motto everything happens for a reason then last year and the road to recovery have been for a reason. I have some ideas, I have learned some things and it has brought me to a different place. I am not willing at this time to put any pen to paper and spell out those lessons, maybe i never will, and then again I might, such is the beauty with life, we get to choose daily, and we always have the opportunity to quote end quote change the road that we are on. So one of my goals is to be undertrained, to ride when I want and not to feel that I must or I have to ride, who knows maybe I will be faster, or slower, or does it matter maybe I will have more fun, and that truely is the bottom line. Have fun, at whatever it is you may be doing. I admit that this is harder to do than it is to say, but then again so is anything worthwhile. So my goal is to be undertrained, I have done the overtraining thing to exhaustion thing and it is a place I never wish to be again, so I have been spinning on a geared road bike, yikes sin, no it is a bike and I am riding, which is better than not. No worries I will be back on the fixie soon enough, smaller gear perhaps. I must talk with the Vulture about a bike, we have some ideas. I have also been spinning on the mountain bike with road slicks, can you say 130 rpms, it is fun as well. I have plans to ride with friends, long ones too, just not willing to overtrain, so I sleep more and maybe do a little less, and it is taking getting used to, but I am ready for the challange, again moderation is only good in moderation as well. Rage on all. Thanks to all for their support, encouragement and kick in the pants, I will not forget any of you. You all know who you are anyways. as always keep pedalling.

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