Saturday, January 28, 2006

so its raining...

I worked a 13 hr day yesterday, between working for Danielles parents and slingin drinks at the bar. Working my ways towards being a bartender or at least picking up some skills from "Uncle Treg" inside joke, but he is one efficient, great bartender. He has a lot of knowledge about all beverages being consumed in the bar world. So I slept in, dogs are out of food, so off I go. But over coffee I was reading a copy of this. Anyone interested in eco friendly articles about things going on should pick up a copy. Here is another great site to check out. I think that it may be created here in Seattle but am unsure. I have an idea for the summer, and need to get a business plan together for the organic delivery business down the street. I think that people that order organic groceries delivered to their homes would be in to them being delivered by bike, hence even less of a relience on petro. what do you think? Start local, just in the area, maybe I should find out how many of their clientel are here in the Ballard, Fremont, Greenlake local. I think that they may be able, if it were sucessful to get rid of one of there trucks hence saving them a bundle of cash, insurance etc. The other idea will be more of a secret until I can get it up, but I think that it would also have potential, and if it works would be saving petro in the process. On a completly well somewhat related topic, I have heard that the bike circus may come here to seattle, but that may be a rumor. Think bike powered rides, etc. A big celebration of human power. So it has been raining cats and dogs, and I am headed to Port Townsend and was going to ride my bike, but decided that 1. 60 miles in the driving rain, would not be good for my cold, or legs. 2. 13 hrs yesterday and 6 hours sleep didnt do me any good 3. I will get to spend some time with danielle on the way over. This was not an easy decision, but one that I think is the smart one given the history of doing too much and focusing on slowing down a bit. Some may say that I am selling out, or maybe that is just my synical side, but recovery is the focus, being too hard now could put me down and out faster than we think. I must rebuild from the begining almost, from a body and mind arena. It is hard to always be wondering if too much too little, but like I said last post, undertraining thats me for this year. So I am off to get dog food, in the rain, then off to the Strange Brewfest out in Port Townsend, to see all my beer family. Lots of ideas floating around, may be the reason I overtrained was to focus on a personal level and finding, creating as Julia Butterfly calls it, "my tree to climb" I like that phrase a lot. It is a good metaphor. Rage on and as always keep pedaling.

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