Monday, January 09, 2006

as I sit here in an altered state...

It is almost midnight here, ya know the witchin hour and all, and I am in a bit of an altered state of mind, of course given my ability to type right now, you can take what is written however you see fit. Perception is a funny thing, have you given thought to how you are seen in the world lately and how that might relate to what you think of yourself? Do the mesh? I have been called a physically fit uptight republican by a coworker who has spent less than 2 minuetes talking to me. If this is how I come across in the world I have to change something. However if I know that I am who I am and does it really matter what people think then I can go about my daily life being who I am. Perception does matter to a certain extent though. Well I am not making much sense right now, that and I inhaled dust for 6 hours today while I sanded floors with my girlfriends father. Nothing like being part of a construction project. Timelines, no time, it always takes way longer than you want, when only half the time is planed for the project. We were just talking about this, thats where the whole perception thing came from. Just be happy I dont try to explain the whole thing as there are not enough words to do so. Moving on. I have yet to buy one of these as I have been meaning to and always falling short, so I just tried and had problems, i will try again in the morning. I have got one of these on the way. Rudi is attemptin to ride the Great Divide on a Fixed gear bike. I saw him ride at the Cascade Cream Puff, and was amazed. Cellar Rat, who I understand is making some great Whiskey in Denver is also attempting this monumental challenge. We need to support one anothers endevors, we need to support all those doing positive things on bikes. Such as riding the great divide. Such as writing about it. Man I would like to get back to where this mind and this body can take off on such a journey. Speaking of that I wonder how kent is enjoying his new job. I would like to be out on the bike a bit more, but the workload right now is huger than is humanly possible. Did I just commit huger to text? wow. The workload looks to be lightening at the end of February. It is kind of like cross training, as today I carried stacks and stacks of bamboo flooring up two flights of stairs, I hope you get the idea.

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