Wednesday, January 18, 2006

so I got some tests done

Yes I am getting lots of tests done. Resting Metabolism, VO2 max, lactate threshold, already in the bag, and just a couple more to go, those being max strength and sprint lactate at Seattle Performance medicine, with Dr Emily Cooper. So I wont share all the numbers, well I probably will, but not just yet. Lets just say I was happy with the numbers, at first I was worried that they would be all screwed up and it would be determined that my body was not set up to do what I have been doing. That says nothing about the mind and that is what really matters, passion and determination account for more than the physical. Belief in what one is doing, we all need a passion, something that at the end of the day we pursue for us, it is our song so to speak. Cycling was that, then I was in such a dark hole that there seemed to be no light, now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My body is adapting, my critical mind is relaxing and I am again seeing greater fitness and a path. I am still working on other avenues, but there is nothing like a good trail ride to put it all in perspective. I love bikes, but nothing compares to raging some really good single track, suffering on a big climb knowing that it all goes downhill after that, nothing even compares. Cornering squeezing every ounce of speed out of it, the flow of twisty single track, the skill of flowing over rocks and roots, using as little brakes as possible. I cant wait to get out and rage on some Northwest singletrack, sooner than later, it will be a sloppy mess out there right now, what better reception to the woods than that. I am again dreaming about some races, I would love to commit to doing Boris' three race series I am just unsure that would be good for the body, although I am still considering it. One glich in that is my dad and step mother will be in seattle to visit during one of the races, not so good in the timing department. Maybe a fly in fly out thing. Still on the planning block. So I have a pretty high metablism, are in interested in how they find this out. They put an airtight mask over my face, then hook it to a machine and I lie there, not sleeping, but relaxing and the machine analyzes my breath and they can tell what, in terms of protein, carbs and fat that I have been eating, and how fast my metabolism is. The doctor recommended on a non work out day, i.e day of rest I consume at least 2400 calories, and that I have been eating too much protien, so I need to eat less protein and more carbs, I like what I am hearing. My body fat is high, I will not share that here, I will just work on getting more muscle and less fat, this could be part of the lack of carbs. I burn too much fat at high levels of exersise, due to the carb deficency, is what I have been told. Being in shape is fun, getting there again is not always so fun, it is a balance, and it just takes time.
In other news it was sunny yesterday so I put skinny tires on the Vulture and went for a spin, that is the other thing, I need to do more spining, ie higher cadence stuff, not the fixed gear sloggin that I do all the time. Hench the thin tires on the mountain bike, equals lots of spinning. Yes sun in seattle if only for a couple hours. We were on track to break some 50 year record but missed one day, day 28 I think, then it rained sideways the next day, then sun. So not all is bad, but man do I miss the sun, it really has an uplifting, energizing way about it.
Speaking of the Vulture, he is moving from in Bend outside a little bit, his grandfather and father I believe bought a place and there is room for a shop, plus he will have more time to spend building bikes, with someone to watch rio a little more often. Wade thanks for the call the other day, your kind words really helped me through the day. WE would like to get down there to see you in the spring time.
Speaking of Bend, I wonder how Sloane is liking it. I have always really liked Bend, trail access right from town and miles and miles of trail to explore.
So today I am going to see the Imax movie about the tour de france, mind over mountains or something like that,it is here for a short time, and I need to see it. Friday I hope to visit Kent, I have been so busy, but he is another of my favorite people, so calm and full of great insights and really a man that walks the walk. Kent has a little thought on heart rate monitors, i used one for a while with no info about zones, so I gave it up, I plan to use one again every so often to get and idea of how my body feels in each zone. But on the whole I think being aware intuitively is the best way to ride, otherwise it can become overwhelming and then the real reason to ride is lost, it becomes a numbers game, when the real fun is just being out there. Actions speak louder than words, my day must get going. I wish everyone well and as always keep pedaling.


Dicky said...

Glad to see your outlook getter better. I check over on your blog from time to time to see how you're doing. You really had me worried about your well being back in July.
Sounds like you're turning the corner.

Cellarrat said...

Nice to hear your doing well....

you can spin on a fixie.... try runing 36x16 on the steapest hill you have =)

V02, resting heart rate, all that stuff is fine and dandy but you gotta have the passion! you gotta want it, There is now geater high then going as hard as you can for 5 hours and bonking really hard and then comeing to the liltle grasey spoon in Ned after going over rollins pass and having a buger!

Mabe cycling is to conected to my tummy somtimes =)

anyway.... like MC says RElAX! Go ez and enjoy the ride