Monday, November 28, 2005


here is few grainy pictures of my old eggbeaters. can your pedals do this. made for an interesting ride home the other night. had to keep my legs in the right plane or the pedal did its seperating act. i seem to destroy only the right side pedals on all pedals that I ride. any ideas. i thought that maybe it is the side I lay it down on more often. because I am riding fixed do I put more power in to that for stoppin purposes? interesting thoughts. I really like the eggbeaters the only durability issue I have encountered until this incident was the fact that the cleats wear rather quickly. other than that I have loved these pedals since the begining.
one pedal two parts. double the fun or double the pleasure, or is it just double danger. I have decided that I have to go to the doctor again. I have to get some concrete answers, lucky for me just down the street is seattle performance medicine specializing in treating athletes. need I say more. this is the kind of place i should have been going to all along. regular doctors just dont have the same wealth of knowledge, should I say intimate knowledge. now I am speaking from what they advertise as can not get in until december 13th. I am trying not to go crazy in dealing with my current situation. I am trying to ride the emotional roller coaster that has been my life for the last 7 months. I have just not gotten back to normal. I mean to where i dont get tired for days if I over extert myself. trying to lay low, it is just hard because mentally I want to go out and do things but then i just get soooooo tired afterwards. sleep doesnt help either. I have a baseline of fatigue right now. again searching for all the answers. maybe the real answer is just to not think about the answers. as always keep the rubberside down.

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Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to my Eggs ... and on the same side too! Shop told me it was because I didn't grease the bearings during the sloppy months. I ride mostly singlespeed and my separation happened while I was trying to ride a 100 mile offroad this year.

"A Caffeinated Hophead"