Friday, December 02, 2005

The Big Fix...

For those of you out there that dont know about this charity ride yet, called the Big Fix, it is a one of a kind event with saving lives in mind. MoJo as he is known to his friends has a daughter Dakota who was diagnosed with a rare illness, there is more information on the link above, and it makes more sense to me that rather than paraphrase it you should get all the info right from the horses mouth. I will be a big supporter of this event, and if I can get my health, physically as well as mentally in order I may just join them for a bit. I dont think that anything of this nature, riding fixed and singlespeed bikes across the country has ever been done, what an amazing ride it will be, bonding to the core, I would think. Then again all of the fixed/singlespeed riders I have met along the way, especially the fixed gear riders, there is an immediate bond with very little conversation needed, although of course that comes easy as well. Mr. MoJo and I dont know each other, we have never met and only emailed each other a few times, but I feel a connection. Is it the fixed gear underground? Not to sound sentimental and all but we are a small grop of indviduals attempting to show that it can be done differently, brakes? maybe? maybe not? road or off road? Mojo is not the only person that I see this happening with there is Kent Peterson, the Gonterian, the Vulture. Wade where are you? There are suprises coming your way. I am sure there are others, so sorry if you were not named. The biking world is small the fixed gear world is intimate, bonded, afraid to coast. haha. So lets all get behind this support it and see that it raises money to save lives and promote research. No matter what getting across the country on a fixies is an accomplishment, but the riders will have a higher purpose to motivate them through all the lows, as the highs are easy to get through. best wishes

In other news I helped with trail building in a first of it kind the local mountain bike advocacy group the bbtc is in charge of the design and building process. An in city mountain bike park being built on DOT land under the freeway here in Seattle, called the . Ground was broke a month ago, and it is scheduled to be done in a little over a year. There are two trail building sessions a week. So I brought my camera and of course it died before I could take pictures and the weather was horrid so I didnt bother to go get batteries or I would have pictures, next week I will get pictures. Back to the project. It is two acres that is going to be packed with twisty single track, a area for huckers to huck , maybe some dirt jumps, and novice areas as well . Attmpting to make it user friendly and an in city spot that can fulfill a lot of peoples needs. I think that it is going to be quite spectacular. Yesterday we were moving heavy rocks to build retaining walls for the some of the switchbacks. The plans are up on the bbtc's website so play around and check it out. The weather yesterday made for mud, mud and more mud, lots of slipin and slidin, and did I say it snowed, again I would have pictures but I need batteries. am I lazy? So I plan to work every thursday that I can and possibly other days when my schedule allows. as always keep the rubberside down.

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