Saturday, December 24, 2005

the way of the Mountain Turtle

Just in time for the holidays, because one can only spend so much time with family before they need an escape, heres to thinking of warmer days. I cant wait to read this, and look at the pics. Wanted to get this up and out to the world as soon as I saw that it was avalible. Be sure to check it out.
I had the pleasure of meeting Kent earlier this year and am proud to call him my friend. He is an amazing individual, pedaling to his own drum. He is a constant source of inspiration and a great role model. He is a peaceful warrior, modeling behavior for one and all. Gush, Gush. The other day while riding with Kent he told me of his plan to put the story of his Great Divide adventure/vision quest on the web for one and all to read, no book, no price on trees heads, no royalty checks. You get the point. He is a firm believer in what goes around comes around, so you can give what you would like to read his story. I have been waiting to read this since the article in Dirt Rag, so with out further adu here is the link to his journey.

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