Thursday, December 22, 2005

holidays taking over.....

Not really here. I have been working a lot, not at my usual waiting tables, there is that too, but right now I have been working for Danielle's family, they are building a house in Capital Hill here in Seattle and we are helping to do some of the work. Lately it has been a lot of ditch digging, for the water line, some miscommunication on what needs to happen so the ditch had to be dug again. I have been riding over in the rain to do this so you can imagine the mess. Today i was supposed to go and help trail build but I woke up totally exhausted so I went back to bed instead of pushing the limits, I also have to work this evening waiting tables so I didnt want to as I said above push it and be a muddled mess tommarrow. There is a learning curve.

In other news I have been reading the book "Divorce Your Car" i urge each and every one of you to read it. It is too full of information for me to try to get it all right here, but the single most destructive act we as humans do is to drive. It and all that is associated with it, just think of all the infastructure around thats soul purpose is to serve the car, gas stations, roads, asphalt, tire stores, oil change places, parking lots etc. Please read this book, I have been on a road towards less car dependence and this surely is helping me to have real solid reasons, as if I didnt already. Tires alone are so toxic, and when they accidentaly set fire they burn forever, they dont biodigrade. We wash our hands of them once we are done and think it is now someone elses problem, well they do take up space maybe not ours but somewhere they are taking up space. Well that is enough, in the new year make a pledge to do things differently, that is if you care and I think we all care we just dont take the time to think out side the box, well lets do a little thinking and a little action in the new year, make 2006 about making a personal change in the way you approach things, take more time and try to do it differently. I am not saying go on a crusade, unless that is what you wish to do, but make small personal changes can if we all do them make big environmental differences.

In other news, thanks to the Senate for not drilling in Alaskan wilderness, even though it was tacked on to a bill to send aid to the troops and huricane victims, that was a slimy move by the senator from Alaska. They are working on passing those aid bills without the drilling bill though. Finally we stand up. Patriot Act expires, let it. Does more damage than good. unless spy, spy,spy is ok with you.

Lastly this guy has taken some amazing pictures of mass consumption. He is a local Seattle artist, i have not met him, but I admire his work.

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