Friday, December 30, 2005

Yesterday revisited

I got two emails that I will share with you here, but first I must say I went to the doctor, test results show that my testosterone and cortisal levels are back to healthy. The doctor thinks I had classic overtraining based on the symptoms that I showed, now I am getting VO2 test and a handfull of other tests to see what my body lost in the down time, then a gradual incline in training load to see if I can get back on track. Looks to be next year by the time I will be back up to speed, I am planning on taking it really slow and to not overdue it because I have been told it would be very easy to be right back where I was if I am not careful. So I am now thinking of what race to make my goal for later in the year, with the goal being to finish it and be able to recover in a respectable amount of time. To prove to my body and mind that I have returned from the ashes and risen again. So it looks to be postive, and I am excited about riding again, and not feeling dogged all the time, mainly I am looking forward to feeling energized again. The more I share my story with others the healthier and that I am not alone. I shared my situation with one of the owners at my job and he related a story of his brother in law who had the same thing, no one could diagnose it with him either and he from what steve said struggled because he knew something was wrong with him but every doctor he went to would say he was fine. So thanks for reading it is helping. I hope that makes sense. Now to the two emails I got here is the first one:

People don't do well at thinking ahead, generally, but they tend to respond pretty smartly to environmental stimuli that force changes in behavior. When such a stimulus occurs, then you see a change in behavior. Even the most dismally brutal police states have had trouble forcing people to permanently change their ways. It's been called "spontaneous organization" but you can think about it as a massive response to market forces. When oil gets too expensive, starts cutting into how people enjoy their top priorities, whatever that may be, they'll change. I have little confidence that they'll alter their behavior sooner. More's the pity, because that means the change will likely come in a radical form, and that's a bummer, because life without fast motorcycles and monster trucks just may not be worth living... And yes, I bike commute, I wish more people did, but it's a reaction to a stimulus in *my* life, my pants were screaming at me every time I had to fasten the top button; and now I wish more people commuted on bikes because it's a healthier choice, I find I'm always in a good mood when I ride, and the ride itself is a fun way to steal a couple hours each day to get out on my fixie - and I'm sure many people would find the same sublime pleasure. Al Maviva
I agree, when it hit peoples pocket books they will make changes, my question is have we already done too much damage? and yes a couple hours out on the bike makes it all seem so distant, I love to ride around on my fixie and pedal away all the anger, frustration, it is my meditation. That is why being sick has been so hard, my coping mechanizm was taken away. Racing is the gravy, I couldnt even ride that was the real hard part, and when I did it just made me tired, however lately it has been fun again. I am excited. Here is the next one:

Go for a ride... I agree that people in our culture need to change there priotries...
But ranting and raving doesn't change people....
To steal from a nike ad, Just do it!
Anyhow Gandi said, Be the change you want to see.
My plans for the new year...Keep making whiskey, Keep riding my bicycle, get into the woods more, make more freinds.
Just my .02 from a fixie riding, meat and twinkie eating, go with the flow Coloradoian

Sure would love to try some of that whiskey. I agree. I rant to rant, hopefully it wakes some people up, no harm no foul. That Gandi quote is my favorite and one that I have been using throughout the year. thanks

so there you have it keep them coming, i am interested in what people are thinking. thanks, keep pedaling

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